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Black Elder

Sambucus nigra

Productive edible fruit good for juice, wine and jelly. Shows some evidence for antiviral activity. Good for wet areas.

High Bush Cranberry

Viburnum trilobum

A Native shrub providing edible berries good for jams, birds and winter interest.

Asiatic Quince

Pseudocydonia sinensis

Beautiful  hot-pink flowers in early spring, with powerfully apply tart fruit good for baking and as a substitute for tamarind paste in curries. A thorny bush good for hedges

Red Currant
Ribes  rubrum

Indications: Full sun (4+ hours)Average garden conditionsRequires high fertility for best resultsDoes best in alkaline conditionsDoes best in neutral soil

Height: 3 1/2′ – 4′

Description: Heavy yields of small sweet-tart red berries. Tolerates part shade but produces more in full sun.

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