Catalogue: Perennial Vegetables

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Good King Henry
Blitum bonus-henricus

Seed only. $3.00

Fiddlehead fern

Matteuccia pensylvanica

A very hardy perennial vegetable that tolerates a large variety of light and moisture conditions. Full moisture will allow for best foliage. Source of spring fiddleheads. Spreads readily so these ferns are best for the large property or garden isolated by concrete or a rhizome barrier.


Skirret/ PerennIal carrot

Sium sirrarum

Average garden conditions

Perennial root vegetable in the carrot family, sweet, crunchy and with good flavour. Achieving 3′ in height.

Apios/ Sipeneg/ Potato Bean

Apios americana

A native perennial vine with edible beans and tubers. Use the tubers as you would beans as chili, burrito or baked.

Salad Burnet

Sanguisorba minor

A perennial salad green and herb with cucumber flavour. Pollinator support.

Seed only. $3.00