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Invite nature back into your habitat and enjoy the abundance!

Fruitful Forest 2017 Catalog

A low maintenance edible landscape can accommodate any large or small property. In addition to reaping a harvest, you will also notice natural beauty, an increased presence of birds and butterflies, and greater soul satisfaction.

Using cost effective, environmental and lasting methods, I install kitchen gardens, wildflower gardens, rainwater management systems, raised beds, compost boxes, and, for larger areas, food forests. I also offer permaculture design, maintenance, landscape restoration and consulting.

Affordablility is important to me, and I offer a sliding scale.


I have been gardening professionally since 2008, I’ve been growing vegetable gardens since I was 13 and my interest in wild edible and medicinal plants began early in childhood. Knowledge of the growth and propagation habits of domestic and ornamental plants grew easily out of wild botany; all plants are really quite similar in their needs and desires and ornamental varieties were bred from the wild ones.

In 2011 I became PDC certified at Verge Permaculture. This furthered my expertise in natural landscapes, low-maintenance and closed loop systems, and in soil chemistry. My experience in botany is borne out of reading, experimentation and observation in the garden and am constantly increasing my self-taught body of knowledge.

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Halifax Earth Technologies. Gardening solutions, Sustainable living consulting