We are located in Kjibuktuk, in unceded Mi’kmak’i territory.
Servicing Halifax Regional Municipality and surrounding areas

Email: jen@halifaxearth.ca


We provide employment opportunities to neurodiverse workers and psychiatrically diverse persons. We work toward accessibility through our horizontal management and open lines of communication regarding operating procedures. We provide a later start time because sleep is very important for physical and mental health: a good night’s sleep can often make the difference between a person being able to work and having a manageable state and positive outlook, or their being at risk. We find we can get a project done in a timely manner during the growing season and employ an underutilized sector of the fabric of society.

We pin our wages to the livable wage index. As of 2023 that is $25.00 an hour according to Living Wage Canada. If wages had kept up with inflation and the cost of living since 1962, the minimum wage would be $44.00 an hour.

Our workers


Design, plant identification, Payroll, scheduling, operations and procurement, recruitment and retention,

I have been gardening professionally since 2008, I’ve been growing vegetable gardens since I was 13 and my interest in wild edible and medicinal plants began early in childhood. In 2011 I became PDC certified at Verge Permaculture.