Fruit Tree Planting Day 2023

Closed for the year, thank you!

Every we order productive trees from a local nursery and get growing! We can grow many kinds of fruits and nut trees. We do NOT take money “off the top” and you save a little on shipping through the bulk order We deliver the tree to a convenient drop-off point ready for you to plant, and offer advice..


We must receive full payment by the deadline, May 1 2023, in order to include your order. The pickup location will be at 27 Rufus Avenue, date to be determined based on weather. We do not want frost to nip your tree’s tender buds.

Shipping is an additional $20 for the u-haul and gas.


Corylus avanella

$45.00 + shipping = $65.00 Tax Free!

6 to 15 feet. A small tree that will assume a shrubby shape if not pruned. Hazelnuts will put out their female flowers and male flowers at different times, so plant two for best fruiting success. A bristly cap (like on an acorn) envelopes the nut almost entirely.

a hazel bush grows 6 to 15 feet and provides fall colour
a hazel bush grows 6 to 15 feet and provides fall colour

Carpathian Walnut

Juglans regia

$8.00 + tax and shipping = $29.20 For Year 2, 12″-24″ trees in a 1 Gallon pot

Walnut is a large tree from to 120 feet. When nuts comes off the tree, they will have a husk that will turn black and fall off when the nut is ripe.

American chestnut

Castanea dentata

$25+ tax and shipping = $48.75 6′ trees from the Haliburton Hybrid tree

A large tree producing hundreds of small and flavourful chestnuts. Plant 2 for pollination.

Butternut 6′

Juglans cinerea

$65.00 + tax and shipping = $96.70

This walnut is native to the Maritimes and New England. Rich and flavourful nuts have been called the macadamia of the north, though tricky to get out of the shell. Pair with a heartnut for best results as the butternut is subject to a fatal canker. However the offspring of heartnut and butternut, the “Buartnut”, is immune to the canker and preserves the best qualities of both. Luckily the canker is not yet in our area.


An F1 cultivar of the Japanese walnut. Tasty nuts are easily removed from a charming heart-shaped shell.

American Pawpaw

Asimina trilobum

$35.00 + shipping = $55.00 Tax Free!

North America’s largest native fruit, the pawpaw rivals the size of the mango! It tastes like a cross between banana, avocado and vanilla, and can be eaten raw or in baked goods. The fruit will grow filled with large inedible black pits. Pawpaw tolerates shade and benefits from a sheltered spot. Plant 2 for pollination.

Stella cherry

Prunus cerasus

$114.50 + shipping = $134.50 Tax Free!

A prolific tart cherry. Because they bloom later than sweet cherries, tart cherries are more dependable fruit producers in cooler climates. It is self fertile and requires no pollinator. The juicy cherries ripen early, just two months after spring bloom.

Reliance Peach

Prunus persica

$114.50 + shipping = $134.50 Tax Free!

Apple Multigraft

Malus domestica

$150.00 + shipping =$170.00 Tax Free!

Multigraft apples are 150.00. M26 rootstock produces a medium size apple tree which might be 15 to 25 feet. If your tree is not multigraft you need to have 3 types of apple or have some in your neighbourhood for pollination.