I have offered diverse workshops on the topic of resiliency and local food, on my own and in association with the Common Roots Urban Farm, the tenants of Quinpool tower, NSCAD, The Way of the Preserver, Dalhousie University, Saint Mary’s University, Mount St Vincent University, the Black Street Party, Occupy Nova Scotia, the Plan B Freeschool, the Tatamagouche Freeschool, Christchurch at Ochterloney, the Halifax Heritage Seed Library and the Really Free Market days.

I have presented on the topics of Permaculture, composting, seed starting and saving, canning and lactofermenting, companion planting, SPIN farming, building with cob, forest gardens, Rocket stoves, bicycle maintenance and cooking with edible wild plants.

Workshops I offer include

  • Food forestry
  • What is permaculture?
  • Oil and transition
  • Hand mowing with a scythe
  • Saving heirloom seeds
  • Starting vegetables from seed
  • The fundamentals of Composting
  • The square foot garden method
  • Wild plant identification
  • Rocket stoves and Rocket Mass Heaters

If you would like me to offer a workshop or tutorial in some of these sustainability skills, please contact me. If you want to host a workshop on another topic related to sustainability that is not on this list I can probably look into it or forward you to some resources in Halifax to get you started.

Some original pamphlets to print and read. Share with attribution please.

Black Walnut Guild

Climate toolkit online version

DIY sawdust composting toilet

Fundamentals of Composting

Goutweed removal

Rocket Stove Pamphlet

Edible Wild Plants

Saturn house cookbook

Saving Seeds

Soap Making

Some Deadly Plants of Eastern Canada

Some Food Forest Species for USDA Zone 6A

Working with Contaminated Soil (NSPIRG)