I offer:

  • Spring cleanup: raking and edging
  • Pruning
  • Improve soil fertility
  • Garden renovations and makeovers
  • Some problem plant removal
  • Permaculture makeover: design fine-tuning to increase soil fertility and reduce maintenance

A personal list of action items and potential resources is designed for your property and your unique needs. Ideas are generated and further steps decided. You can take this assessment as guidance for your own work or continue to create a working relationship. I also offer consultation on sustainable living.

Design and installation
A graphic plan is yours to keep. I can install a design, you can bring in someone else to implement it, implement it yourself, or I can install someone else’s design.

No-mow gardens
Save gas and time. Mulch, spreading ground covers, stones and accents can look better than grass, and save you money and time.

Polycultures, guilds, food forests
Increase the diversity of food crops and flowers in just a small space. A forest-like group of plants increases privacy and promotes the relaxed mind one experiences in a forest. Nothing exists in a vacuum in nature, and a guild is a collection of plants that benefit each other. Usually a guild is centred around a tree or large shrub, surrounded with an assortment of perennials, vines, smaller shrubs and root crops. More than one guild arranged together become food forests and woodlands.

Pollinator garden
Now there are even better reasons to feel good about growing gorgeous blooms. Encourage native wildflowers while supporting the birds, bees, butterflies and insects that provide increased crop yields and eat pests. An arrangement of long-lasting blooms looks ornamental yet casual in a ‘cottage-garden’ style.

Container gardens
The ultimate space-savers! Have containers designed for vegetables or beauty.

Rain gardens and swales
Turn erosion problems and clogged drains into self-watering beds. These gardens create areas of greater soil permeability through soil conditioning and deep-rooted plants. They collect rainwater and send it to recharge groundwater. This improves the health of your trees, as well as controlling runoff water and erosion on slopes.

Herb gardens, medicinal plants
Do you purchase healing foods, nutracuiticals and herbal supplements for your health needs? Why not keep a fresh supply on hand?

Shade gardens
Fill out unused shady spaces with the varieties that are best adapted for the forest. A wide variety of native, medicinal, edible and traditional plants are available to provide textures and interest.